Academic Support

This page will have continued and updated links for student and parent use when students need extra resources or to supplement their academic experience.

Tips for Parents of MSHS Students 
This document is helpful for the FAQs that we get from parents and students on how to be successful here.

Time Management Tips
There are 14 tips that will help with understanding the importance of time management and a few worksheets to see where you are placing your highest value of time.

Test Anxiety
This site will help you address test anxiety and how to deal with it appropriately. We all feel stress for big events like tests, coping with this stress is the sign of maturity.

Test Taking Tips
Multiple choice, short answer, essay; there are a multitude of test formats out there. Learning how to take these types of test will help with

Study Skills
Use this link to help you come up with your own personalized study plan. We all learn and test differently and it is important to understand the way you learn.

Simple Note
Simple Note helps organize thoughts for students in an electronic format, allowing access anywhere.

has become an amazing resource for student success in studying. There are several ways to learn on this site and three ways to play with your new terms and notes. This site lets you link up with friends to study, as well.

Math Forum
From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a resource to use that has over 8,000 links to math websites from around the world. Also, take a look at the problem of the week, math camps, reference shelf, and software.

IXL Math and Language Arts
site offers lessons to review on Math and English content, the same standards being taught in your very classroom. Re-learn and practice the skill until you become a pro!

Support your foreign language learning through this free website. 22 different languages with daily goals of learning for 5-10 minutes a day.

Khan Academy
An all encompassing resource for all of your school needs. Use this resource for Math, English, Science, ACT, SAT, even college and career information. Create an account and get started.