BoE Newsletter
Dear MAPS students, staff, and families, We are well into another amazing school year and so excited about the many accomplishments achieved by our students and staff, so we’re sharing a newsletter to help capture some of the latest successes at MAPS. The first edition can be found in the Skyward Message Center. Anyone wishing to submit ideas for future newsletters can do so by emailing [email protected]...
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MSHS Nickname Rebranding TimeLine
For details on the Rebranding Timeline, please click "Read More" below
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Agent Charitable Fund Awards Grant to Marquette Area Public Schools
Marquette, Mich. – Marquette Area Public Schools was recently awarded a $2,000 grant to fight food insecurity in the community by the Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan Agent Charitable Fund (ACF). Grant funds will support the JJ Packs Program and provide for the return of fresh fruit and bread for the weekend packs. Any MAPS student can receive JJ Packs; families should contact their school counselor... Presentation of the grant will take place at Marquette Alternative High School on Wednesday January 31st at 11:20 a.m...
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Food Service Announcement - School Breakfast Program
Dear MAPS Families, I hope everyone had a great holiday season. We are contacting you today to remind you of our school breakfast program. School breakfast is provided to the student at no cost to the family for the remainder of the 23-24 school year. Your schools breakfast will begin at 8:45 till 9:30 at Sandy Knoll, 8:50 till 9:05 at Graveraet, 8:20 till 9:25 at Cherry Creek, and 8:50 till 9:15 at Superior Hills. Breakfast can be picked up at the Cafeteria at Cherry Creek, Sandy Knoll, and Graveraet, it is available in the compass at Superior Hills. Here are a few fun facts about breakfast. Here are five ways school breakfast benefits kids...
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Do You Have a Change of Address?
Just a reminder that if you move or change your address (or phone number)...
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Emergency Notification System
Marquette Area Public Schools utilizes SchoolMessenger as our emergency notification system (inclement weather, other potential school closings, lockdowns, etc.)...
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Section 504 Annual Notification
As required by the Office of Civil Rights, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Section 504"), Marquette Area Public Schools must notify staff of the OCR-approved Section 504 policies and procedures, publish them on the District’s website, and notify parents, students, and staff how to obtain hard copies...
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