Guidance Department

Marquette Senior High School
Guidance Department

Phone: (906)225-5342
Fax: (906)225-5375

Appointment Procedure

Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically and are encouraged to come to the Guidance Office to sign up in advance for an appointment.  Parents are also encouraged to make appointments in advance.

If students have an emergency, please contact the guidance secretary; a counselor will then see you immediately.

Contact your Counselor if you want to…

improve your school performance
resolve conflicts with peers, family members, or teachers
discuss career options, your future, and set personal goals
discuss social and emotional needs


Confidentiality means that the information students share with their counselor is private. That privacy is protected by law, ethics, and school rules. We recognize legal rights and responsibilities of parents as they pertain to their child’s best interests. If students request information be shared with others, students and parents will be asked to sign a release form. We will release only the information students request unless release of information is mandated by law. Occasionally it is necessary to break confidentiality to prevent harm to oneself or someone else, report child abuse as mandated by state law, or give testimony in court. Counselors periodically consult with other school professionals to provide information necessary to achieve student goals and objectives.